Custom Pinewood Derby Tracks

        built to your specifications




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If you are considering a new track for your Scouts, Church, or Business and you want a fast track, then a Custom Pinewood Derby Track is the right one for you!!!



The Custom Pinewood Derby Track is designed with several organizations standards in mind.  The lane guides are approximately 1-1/2" wide and 1/4" tall to accommodate a standard pinewood derby car and can be custom made for 2 to 4 lanes.  Each section links together using a quick connect system of four (4) machine screws.  Track pads are included to protect your floor and to provide a stable and secure race track.

If you have specifications that do not match those listed above, feel free let us know.  We will build to your specifications.



Every Custom Pinewood Derby Track comes complete with a support frame, starting gate, finish line brake, and storage box.  All required hardware is included.

Your Custom Pinewood Derby Track is designed and built with Speed, Integrity, and Reliability in mind.



Your Custom Pinewood Derby Track surface is made of composite materials.  They are smooth,durable, and fast. They are resistant to warping, cracking, nicks, and water damage.  Black graphite cleans up easily.  No more plywood oval-shaped repair holes to contend with or rough raised wood grains of plain plywood.  Less bounce and less vibration translate into faster cars.

The track sections connect together at the track guides.  The guides ensure alignment of the sections for a smooth transition.  The nuts are permanently attached to the opposite side of the connector plate, so you don't even need a wrench!   All that is needed is a screwdriver.

You will love the fact that the support structure requires minimal assembly using a Phillips head screwdriver.

Complete assembly time is less than 30 minutes.

Your Custom Pinewood Derby Track braking system safely stops the cars in short fashion.  The track actually drops away from under the wheels and the bottom side of the car slides on a non-abrasive friction guide bringing the cars to a quick stop.  No longer will towels, blankets, and foam rubber be needed to stop the fastest cars.  You can feel assured the cars will not experience damage to the topside and the wheels of the cars are safe from damage.  The braking system is an enclosed 48 inches long and thatís more than enough to stop even the fastest cars.



Your Custom Pinewood Derby Track will be shipped in a wooden box.  The box can be easily used to safely store your Custom Pinewood Derby Track when not in use.  The box can also be used to carry your Custom Pinewood Derby Track from place to place.

Get your Custom Pinewood Derby Track today and it will bring fun and excitement for years to come.


All Custom Pinewood Derby Tracks can be built to your specifications.  Pre-cut kits are available.

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